District Rifle Shooting Mobile Range

Terms and conditions of use

The fee for using the Mobile Range will be £25 per session (morning, afternoon or evening). The money raised will contribute to the upkeep, the purchase of consumables and maintenance of the range and rifles.

It is the Leader in charges responsibility to arrange any payments including for any venue or instructors.

The range consists of a mobile range with ballistic backing for shooting prone, seated or standing with targets for 3 people shooting at a time; plus 3 air rifles. Targets and pellets are provided and are included in the charge. Excessive use of targets and pellets will incur an additional charge.

The booking system will be on the District website so that leaders and instructors can see when the equipment is available and book accordingly.

The equipment may only be used under the supervision of a suitably qualified rifle shooting instructor. It is the leader in charge’s responsibility to ensure that the instructor has the correct up to date qualification to carry out the activity. The DC holds a list of current instructors and the list of suitable qualifications is on the second page of this sheet.

Equipment may be booked out by an instructor or a leader and either may collect the equipment from the District store by contacting Darrell Manton on

Please note that it is an offence to carry firearms on any land (e.g. from the car boot to the site where the range will be used if this is across land not owned by Scouting) so all movement of the rifles must be pre-planned to avoid this.

Permission MUST be obtained for every specific instance of rifle shooting from the parents of young people under the age of 18 years old. All adults must also complete the form on their own behalf. The form is available here (put in link)

Leaders/Instructors are expected to return the equipment within a day of use to ensure the equipment is available for the next group. If this is not possible then the equipment should be booked out for a longer period of time and this may incur additional costs.

It is the Leader booking out the equipment who is responsible for its return in good condition. Any damage or issues with the equipment should be reported immediately to Darrell Manton, as damaged or unsafe equipment could cause an accident or incident. Any damage will be charged to the section booking out the equipment.

The Instructor/Leader must complete a Range Inspection Sheet before using a new facility/site and check that everything is in order on using a previously inspected site. A list of already inspected venues within the district is below. New venues must be checked by a qualified instructor.

A signature will be required on collecting the equipment in the log book kept for this purpose.

Qualifications for Shooting accepted by The Scout Association:

Great Britain Target Shooting Federation:

Coach Educator,

National Coach,

Regional Coach,

County Coach,

Club Coach.

National Rifle Association:

Club Instructor,

Cadet Adult Instructor,

Range Conducting Officer;

Range Conducting Officer Assessor.

National Small-bore Rifle Association:

Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor,

Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor Trainer,

Range Conducting Officer,

Club Instructor (Rifle, Pistol or Airgun)

NSRA Club Coach,

NSRA County Coach.

The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain:

Approved Instructor.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation:

Airgun coach

H.M. Armed Forces and the cadet forces (SCC, ACF, CCF and ATC):

Range Conducting Officer.

Police Forces:

Range Conducting Officer

Current approved sites in District

Cranham Scouting Centre. This has its own shooting range and equipment and should be booked directly with Cranham Scouting Centre.

In progress:

Rodborough Scout Activity Field:

Leonard Stanley HQ:

Penn Scouting Centre: or ring 01453 757865

Severnside Scout HQ:

Current instructors in District

Darrell Manton – Scout Leader Severnside – District Shooting Lead

Theresa Mansbridge – Scout Leader Rodborough/ADC Activities

Both can be contacted via