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Scouting … Helping young people get the most out of life #SkillForLife

Scouting is open to all, boys and girls, aged 6 – 25 years. There are five sections for young people in the Scout movement that provide exciting opportunities tailored to the different age groups.

Weekly meetings, weekend events and longer camps offer a wide range of activities from IT to Kayaking. Scouting is about joining in, making friends, having fun, giving of your best, gaining badges and growing in confidence.

Beavers (age 6 – 8 )

Beavers are our youngest section in the Scouting family, young people can join from the age of 5½ years.

At weekly meetings, Beavers enjoy many different activities including games, crafts, visits to interesting places, making friends and helping others.  Beavers also enjoy sleepovers and camps helping to create independence as well as having fun with friends.

Cubs (age 8 – 10½)

Cubs have fun in so many ways with their own Pack and with other Packs from across the District.  Typically Cubs take part in activities such as exploring and improving the environment, hiking, fishing, camping, crafts, swimming, map reading, fire lighting, cooking and first aid. One of the yearly highlights for most Cubs is when they are given the opportunity to take part in Farriers’ Challenge – a 3 – 4 mile evening hike with a series of activities.

Completing challenges and activities enables the young person to be awarded a badge to wear on their uniform – much to the dismay of many parents when it comes to sewing all the badges on!.

When a Cub Scout is aged between 10½ and 11 they move on to the Scout Troop.

Scouts (age 10½ – 14)

As with all sections, a Scout Troop usually meet once a week, but will also have an active programme of activities at weekends and during school holidays. Scouts are given the opportunity to take part in local, national and overseas camps.

Scouts are often outdoors, building on what they learnt in the younger sections and undertaking a wide range of adventurous activities, anything from abseiling, hill walking, sailing, raft building, outdoor cooking as well as the more traditional Scouting activities and skills of fire lighting and shelter building. Scouts can also develop creative talents such as DIY, art, music and cooking.

Explorers (age 14 – 18)

Explorers join one of the units in the District but can attend any Unit’s meeting if the activity interests them.

Being an Explorer allows young people to fit their other interests in and around Explorer meetings. Explorers can also join the Young Leader Scouting scheme and develop leadership skills working with a younger Scouting section in the local area.

There is an opportunity to alongside Scoutings top awards work towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.  Employers and Higher Education / Universities acknowledge this scheme as showing responsibility, leadership and commitment.

Scout Network (age 18 – 25)

When Explorer Scouts are 18 they move on to the local Scout Network for 18 – 25 year olds. The Scout Network is the first adult section of Scouting. Many Scout Network members also take on appointments as leaders in Scouting. Contact Alex Bingle 

Scout Active Support (age 18+)

Scout Active Support allows you to get involved in Scouting on a flexible basis without the commitment of being a ‘regular’ leader.

We welcome adults over the age of 18 years. There is no requirement to have been involved in Scouting before joining. Any training and support you need will be provided free. All you need is a willingness to want to support young people in having fun and developing their full potential and to enjoy a social life with like-minded people. Everyone in Scout Active Support is a full member of the Scout Association and will be required to complete a DBS check.

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September & November, at Selsley Scout HQ to plan our Scouting and importantly our social activities. Throughout the year we support the District by providing help for bases at Camps, Hikes, Penn Wood Open days and any other scouting activity you can imagine.
Socially we do our own Hikes/walks, theatre visits, Christmas and fundraising ‘themed’ meals, talks and enjoying our own participation in scouting.

If you would like more information, please contact Margaret-Mary McNeill,