Stroud & Tetbury District Scouts owns some archery equipment, which will enable young people to participate in this activity in District under the supervision of an Archery permit holder. Furthermore, there is an outdoor Archery range at the Cranham Scouting Centre, which may be hired by Scout Groups.

Terms & Conditions of Use

The Archery equipment may only be operated under the supervision of a suitably qualified Archery permit holder. It is the ‘Leader in Charge’s’ responsibility to ensure that the Permit Holder holds an appropriate in-date qualification to carry out the activity. Details of the Archery permit are shown on Compass.

The Archery equipment may be operated in a suitable building or outside area. The Archery Permit holder will advise on a suitable location.

The fee for using the Archery equipment is £30 per session (morning, afternoon or evening). This does not include the cost of the Archery Permit Holder or venue.

The Archery equipment may be booked by an adult Leader or District Archery Permit Holder using the Stroud & Tetbury Scouts Activities email below. Equipment can then be collected from the District Store by contacting 

All equipment must be returned in good condition within 24 hrs of use.  All arrows must be returned complete with no broken or missing fletchings.  Any other damages or issues with the equipment must be reported immediately to .  Please note any damages or missing equipment may be charged to the last user at the District’s discretion.

Archery Permit Holders in Stroud & Tetbury District

James Lynn
Nick Boon 
Paul Blanch

They can be contacted via k