Stroud & Tetbury District Scouts own 5 Resusci Annies (also known as Rescue Anne or CPR Annie) and 8 mini Annies, which may be hired by Scout Groups/Sections within the District to support First Aid training.  

Terms & Conditions of Use – First Aid Equipment

The Resusci Annies / Mini Annies may only be used under the supervision of a suitably qualified First Aider (an adult holding an appropriate and in-date First Aid Response qualification, including Scout Association Module 10).

The Resusci Annies / Mini Annies may only be used for teaching/practising CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques.

The fee for hiring the equipment is £20 per session (morning, afternoon or evening). The fee does not include any cleaning materials – these must be provided by the hirer).

The equipment must be returned within 24 hours to ensure it is available for other Groups/Sections.

The leader in charge is to ensure the equipment is returned in good condition. Any damage or issues are to be reported immediately to as any damaged or unsafe equipment may cause an accident.

Any damage may be charged to the hiring Group/Section.

The First Aid equipment may be booked by contacting