Stroud & Tetbury District Scouts have access to Kayaks for use on the Stroudwater canal in Stroud.


For Scout Groups/Sections wishing to offer watersports, we have 11 kayaks available in the District based on the Stroudwater canal near Ryeford.

Kayaking may only be undertaken under the supervision of a suitably qualified kayaking permit holder. It is the ‘Leader in Charge’s’ responsibility to ensure that the permit holder holds an appropriate in-date qualification to carry out the activity.

All watersports participants must adhere to POR Rule 9.42 (see below).

Permission MUST be obtained from the parents/guardians of young people under the age of 18 years old participating in watersports.

The fee for using the kayaks is £20 per session (morning, afternoon or evening). The fee includes the hire of buoyancy aids but does not include the cost of the Permit Holder.

The number of individuals who may participate at any one time is dependent on the permit holders permit. But we usually aim to take out 6 participants per permit holder to give a good session for learning skills.

Kayaking is most suitable for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

Kayaking may be booked at

Please note that the kayaks are stored on private land so the landowner needs to be approached for access prior to any session. S&T Activities will provide details for access.

Stand up paddle boarding

You could be brave like Randwick and build your own out of bottles.

You will need someone with a watersports permit to supervise the paddling.

Alternatively Stroud SUP may be able to assist with this at a reduced rate for scout sections. 

Contact for details

Kata kanu

This activity is no longer available directly through district. 

Please contact Cotswold Boatmobility directly for information.


Some groups such as Randwick  have poles, barrels and ropes for raft building. 

You will need someone with a rafting permit to supervise the paddling of the rafts.


These are available at various activity centres but you can also contact if you are interested in this activity.

Qualified Watersports Permit Holders in Stroud & Tetbury District

Theresa Mansbridge (ADC Activities) Kayaks, Canoes, Rafting, Bell Boating

Alex Chestnutt (DC) Kayaks, Canoes, Rafting

There are other permit holders in the District and County who may be willing to run sessions and these can be contacted through compass.

Watersports Safety

Participants in watersports must adhere to POR rule 9.42 as follows:

  1. Members taking part in any water activity (those which take place on or in the water) must be able to demonstrate to a suitable person their ability to swim 50 metres in clothing and equipment appropriate to the activity (where a buoyancy aid or life jacket is worn for the activity this may be used for the demonstration) and keep afloat for 5 minutes. Anyone unable to meet these requirements is classified as anon-swimmer and must follow Rule 9.42 (b).
  2. A non-swimmer may take part in water activities, at the discretion of the Leader in Charge, only if certain precautions are taken:
    • Any non-swimmer must wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid of approved design and be in the charge of an adult (this does not apply for swimming, paddling or activities near water).
    • There must be no more than one non-swimmer in any craft, unless a one-to-one ratio is maintained (one competent adult to one non-swimmer).
    • In the case of single-handed craft this should only be on C or B1 class waters (see Rule 9.44 (b) with supervision on a one-to-one basis (one competent adult to one non-swimmer).
    • Where non-swimmers are taking part in swimming activities (as defined in Rule 9.50) they must be under the direct supervision of an adult in the water. This must not exceed two non-swimmers to one adult