Circus Skills Resources Booking Conditions

Currently the District has the following circus skills resources:

Skipping Ropes 19
Juggling Batons 10
Plastic Plates 9
Plastic Sticks White 4
Plastic Sticks Yellow 15
Wooden Sticks 10
Diablo Complete 7
Diablo incomplete 1
Frisbe 1
Beanbags 7
Purple Ring 1
Green Racquet 1
Pink Racquet 1
Rubber Sticks 3
Stripey Sticks 2
Juggling Balls 9
Balance Boards 2

Terms and conditions of use

The fees for hiring these resources are:

£15 per per session (morning, afternoon or evening).

The money raised will contribute to the maintenance of the equipment and in the long term the purchase of additional equipment.

Equipment may be booked out by a leader-in-charge by contacting

Leaders/Instructors are expected to return the equipment within 24 hours of use to ensure the equipment is available for the next group.

It is the leader booking out the equipment who is responsible for its return in good condition. Any damage or issues with the equipment should be reported immediately to   as damaged or unsafe equipment could cause an accident or incident. Any damage will be charged to the section booking out the equipment.