Volunteer (Adults)

There are many ways to volunteer in Scouting. If you love working with young people, you’ll propably enjoy being a section leader or assistant. If you’re more of a ‘back room’ type, there are management and administration roles that are just as important to the smooth running of Scouting. We have Group Manager roles (Group Scout Leader), Chairman/Chairwoman, Secretary and Treasurer roles, which form part of Executive committees. Executive committee members are trustees of the Association’s local charitable bodies.

There are volunteering oportunities that range from an hour or two a month to as much as you want to give. There are regular time slots, such as Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop meetings and there are irregular activities such as camps, hikes and cook-outs, where volunteers are always needed to help ensure our young people have fun in a safe environment.

The Following link to the national scout location page will help you find your local group or get in contact via the contact us